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Getting the right car at the right price.

We have a tried and tested method towards sourcing vehicles for our clients. We have built up a network of (Trusted Suppliers) across the country covering Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Almeria, Malaga and Granada regions who provide quality vehicles that offer greater value and options over our local garages and showrooms. Did you know, vehicles are cheaper the further north you go?

In some cases our Trusted Suppliers are not enough or may not have the stock our clients are looking for, in this scenario we use our resources and methods to search nationwide for vehicles that fit the client requirements and budget. 


  • Fully vetted for outstanding Finance
  • Reported on for potential embargos or fines
  • Mechanically checked and tested
  • Standard test drives
  • Extended Test drives for multi-condition performance
  • Diagnositcs reporting for full systems
  • All vehicles come fully ITV’d
  • Transfers arranged 
  • 1 year standard warrenty on most vehicles
  • Delivered valated to your home or collection from PadPall showroom

Cars Recently Sourced





(Madrid) Sourced By PadPall

Recently sourced to specification and budget a Ford Eco-Sport ST-Line with White/Black Combonation, Apple Car Play and all accessories. Successfully Sourced and Delivered to our client.

(Almeria City) Sourced by PadPall

This Nissan Pathfinder fit our clients specification for space, size and off-road capability. Coming in under budget this Nissan Pathfinder was a great buy. Sourced by PadPall.

(Malaga) Sourced by PadPall

The ultimate in 4×4 was the specification, ideally for pulling a 2 tonne caravan so we sourced this stunning Mitsubishi Pajero which delivers more than our client expected.

(Denia Valencia) Sourced by PadPall

Specification: Small, Automatic and Low Kilometers. This little Aygo was the perfect fit, stylish, small and automatic. The client was very thankful and extreemly pleased.





(Madrid) Sourced By PadPall

A challenging target but a succesful one. A beautiful Peugeot 3008 with high specification sourced within days from a supplier in Madrid.

(Valencia) Sourced by PadPall

An upgrade to the clients current vehicle and challenged to source a white Range Rover Evoque. Finally found in the City of Valencia.

(MADRID) Sourced by PadPall

This client requested something higher up, but no to high to gain better access, the budget was tight and the vehicle type was non-specific, We founf this B-Class Mercedes in Madrid which fit the requirements perfectly. A very happy customer!

(ALCARON MADRID) Sourced by PadPall

Happy Camping! Requsted a Smart Car to fit to the back of a camper, had to be clean, within budget and year. We found this little Smart and gave it the ultimate test drive back from Madrid, a lovely little car and brilliant runner.





(Marbella) Sourced By PadPall

Nissan Navara sourced in Marbella, a tight budget with few around, we found this automatic pick-up with low kms, single owner and delivered to spec.


Awaiting further information and date confirmation. Looking for a car, book yours on our next nation wide car sourcing trip.


Awaiting further information and date confirmation. Looking for a car, book yours on our next nation wide car sourcing trip.


Awaiting further information and date confirmation. Looking for a car, book yours on our next nation wide car sourcing trip.

Once you have decided on the type of vehichle your looking for, we review this information for further consultation. We typically consult on the type of vehicle you have decided on and the type of options you would like available. Normally you would have an idea of the specification, such as engine size, fuel type, kilometers, horsepower and optional extras like camera’s, sensors, trim detail etc. If you don’t know exactly then this would form part of our consultation and most likely inform the options available inside your budget. 

If however you do not have any idea of the type of vehicle your looking for then we start the process from scratch and show you options that might fit in with your lifestyle and basic needs. By the end of the consultation we should have agreed the make, model and desired specification that you’d like us to focus on, allowing us to start the search on your behalf.

Now that we are ready to begin our search, we will firstly send out the specifications to our network of trusted suppliers across the country to see how close we can get to thevehicle your looking for. If our suppliers do not have the right stock we expand our search into the wider market through trusted portals, auctions and independent trader that we are used to working with until we locate at least 2 to 3 matches that we would like to see.

On agreement we would run the usual checks for finance, embargos and status before planning our visits in anticipation to buy.

Although we work with trusted suppliers we know that through experiance any vehicle can be made to look the part and still have issues both parties are unaware of so we make sure that as far as possible each vehicle is checked and reported on. We use professional diagnostics to run thorough systems checks that can report back on hundreds of electrical and sensor related issues throughout the vehicle body, engine and security systems. We take a mechanic with us to check moving parts, engine oils and fluids to be sure the condition is on par with the vehicle age and kilometers. We further test drive each vehicle under normal and abnormal driving conditions while checking both cold and warm engine performance.

If we, through our informed testing and checks feel the vehicle is a good buy we propose this back to you with our findings.