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By combining functional and later model vehicles PadPall Rentals offer great value to renters across the Almanzory Valley.

PadPall Motors Albox is one of just a few local Car Rental companies in the area, currently with our only location based in Albox oposite Longo Ferrateria. PadPall do have future plans to bring its hire service even more local so that its services can be more accesible more easily.

As a value service our Renters will find PadPall Car and Van Rental reasonably priced with vehicles that reflect value which are fit-for-purpose.

For those of you that are looking for Car or Van hire to get you on the move, PadPall offer options that fit different needs. From short term hire, hire extensions through to longer term hire agreements and assisted rentals for those of you that need a driver to help lifting, collections, moving and deliveries.

And finally, with the recent Covid19 pandemic still looming PadPall have adopted a contious sanitisation process to assure all cars and vans are sanitised between each Rental. A process that will continue far into the furture, pandemic or not.

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    Good to know information when renting with PadPall

    Vehicle Usage

    Before taking your vehicle please you will be handed a Yellow envelope with any current damage, marks or abnormalities. Please remember to inspect the vehicle in case of any additional or missed items, taking particular care to inspect vehicle panels, tyres, interior material and brackages. You should also make sure you have the correct number of high visibility jackets, warning triangles, spare wheel and its accessory kit.

    If you need additional help with this please ask a member of the PadPall Team.

    Items Provided: High Visibility Jackets, Warning Triangles, Spare Wheel or Liquid, Jack & Locking wheel nut.


    PadPall offers cross border driving on certain vehicles. Please check to make sure the vehicle you are renting has the correct insurances for cross border driving and please make a member of the team at PadPall aware of where you will be travelling if planning on crossing a border as there may be an additional charge for this.


    Please be respectful and prudent with your driving manner. Using a vehicle that is meant for road only use in a rambler or off road is not permitted and should not be used for such driving. In the event you need to cross a rambler please drive carefully and be aware of the surroundings. 

    Be aware of speed limits and parking conditions to avoid speeding fines and potential dent and scrapes when parking. The renter will be charged for any fines or damages to vehicles. You can review the Yellow envelope for some guidance on our fees.


    In the event of an accident you are required to contact PadPall immediately, if this is not possible you must get in contact within 24 hours by telephone on: +34 616-112-502 or +34 643-816=365


    If you have had an accident with another vehicle please ensure you complete the accident report form provided in the Yellow envelope taking care to note all details of what happened and damages to the vehicle. Please do not attempt to drive the vehicle further with excessive damage and in this event please call the local police on 112


    If you need to extend your rental contract you can do so at any time so long as the extension is prior to 48 hours before your rental period expires. Fees apply for additional days, weeks or months.


    Please be sure to return the vehicle on the date and time specified on your contract,  in a similar condition to how you received it and with similar fuel levels to when taken out. For each hour of delay there will be a 20% charge of the daily rate, if the vehicle is delayed by more than 4 hours our daily rate will be payable. In the event you are going to be late to return the vehicle please contact PadPall to let us know.